The agri-food system has a huge impact on our climate and environment - accelerating at a global, regional and national level


Food Wasted


Water Used


GHG Emissions


Working towards our circular economy.

We are committed to creating a business model that is good for us, for our buyers, our suppliers and the environment.

Waste Prevention

We are tackling food waste head on through our technology. Our tech enabled platform  helps connect supply and demand, allowing us to lead on prevention of food waste through forecasting and education.

Local & Organic

We love sourcing and supplying produce from local and regional farms. It doesn’t only empower farmers, but also helps reduce food miles and the carbon footprint it takes to import fruits and vegetables. 

Imperfect Fruits & Vegetables aka. Ugly Produce

We are building awareness, accessibility and education around waste from visually imperfect yet perfectly edible produce to encourage and influence businesses and consumers to change their behaviour. This initiative will go a long way in reducing waste from produce that gets thrown out because of its appearance. 

Food Waste Management

We’re developing partnerships that will allow us to build a food waste management strategy and facilitate accessibility to composting and other systems.


Instead of dumping organic waste in landfills, right farm aims to upcycle organic waste into high quality products, providing protein for animal nutrition and organic fertilizer.

Closing the loop.

Our supply chain innovations and food waste management strategy will allow us to close the loop by facilitating the reuse of food waste as compost and other byproducts. Thus utilizing them to support local farms and revitalizing land further encouraging local sourcing.

Right farm's circular economy.

Our commitment to the circular economy will shift the traditional farming landscape by revitalizing wasteful practices, encouraging local sourcing, improving international sourcing, recycling and upcycling to build a more regenerative supply chain.

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